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How to recover a hard disk if the system does not see it. External hard disk is not detected

  1. If your computer does not detect an external hard drive, contact a specialist.
  2. Diagnostic measures
  3. Outgoing contacts
  4. Motherboard
  5. Incorrect BIOS settings
  6. System date
  7. Loading error
  8. Lack of power
  9. Device conflict
  10. Purpose of the letter
  11. Invalid file system format
  12. Formatting
  13. Third Party Programs
  14. Change of designation
  15. Malnutrition
  16. Power Supply
  17. Hdd damage
  18. Conclusion:

You do not load a laptop or a monoblock? If messages like “Operating system not found "" Missing operating system Or DISK BOOT FAILURE. INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER ", then, most likely, your computer does not see HDD . The reason for such trouble can be the banal disconnection of the interface connector, and the engine seizing hard drive .
Before you begin to troubleshoot, you need to decide what is more important in this situation - the hard disk itself or the information that it contains. If the data stored on the hard drive is very important to you, then the right decision will turn to professionals and then replace the faulty hard drive with a new one. After all, it is better to immediately pay a small amount for solving a petty problem than to overpay for your wrong, hasty actions. In our practice, there are very often situations where, due to actions inexperienced users it is no longer possible to recover data, or this procedure is very expensive. Of course, only you can decide what to do in your particular case. But we suggest that you familiarize yourself with general recommendations . First you need to determine why the computer does not detect hard SATA drive , IDE or with some other interface.

To the most frequent reasons , by which the computer may not see the hard drive, include:

  • 1. Disconnect the power plug or interface. You can try to connect the hard drive with a different cable or to another computer.
  • 2. The BIOS failed, or errors occurred. You can try to flash the BIOS or reset the temporary memory (CMOS). If after these action hard the disk is still not recognized, then, most likely, the problem is in itself.
  • 3. It is possible that the ATA (IDE) drive has an incorrectly mounted driver. You can try to rearrange it in the position of Master. When you need to connect a parallel device to the loop, then on one of them the jumper should be in the Master position, and on the second –Slave. Very often, the computer may not see the IDE hard drive because of incorrect settings of the jumper.
  • 4. IDE ATA / ATAPI controller drivers for Windows are missing or damaged. Try to remove installed drivers disk controllers and reboot the system, or you can try reinstalling Windows.
  • five. Logical problem hard drive. Mostly due to problems boot sector , or damage to the file allocation table. You can restore the data by applying any utility. Only you need to choose it, taking into account file system drive and your particular situation.
  • 6. The problem of ports eSATA, USB, LAN. Windows may not see Usb hard drive . You can try to connect external hard drive to some other computer or laptop. If the HDD is still not recognized, then the problem is in him.
  • 7. On the motherboard is faulty south bridge in which are located SATA controllers and PATA. If there is a problem with this microcircuit, then Windows does not see the hard drive.
  • 8. Any physical and internal hard disk crashes. The problem may be in the blown electronics, and in the operation of the engine, and may be associated with the head unit, ROM, service area, switch, etc. Here it is better not to take any independent action, but simply turn to experts.

All the above problems are only a part. existing reasons which can not be recognized by the hard drive. For example, Windows does not detect an external hard drive due to problems with the adapter inside the external box, or due to the fact that it is mistakenly connected to the front USB ports The computer drive simply does not have enough power. If you could not resume the work of your hard disk using the methods listed above, then it is better to contact the specialists, since any non-professional actions can lead to irretrievable loss of information.

If your computer does not detect an external hard drive, contact a specialist.

There are situations when the hard drive Transcend, Samsung, WD (Western Digital), Seagate, A-DATA, Hitachi, 3Q, Lacie, Prestigio, Iomega or any other brand is not detected by the computer by elementary reason , for example, the USB connector cracked, or the OS crashed. Inexperienced users immediately disassemble the hard drive almost to the ground. But after such manipulations data recovery or even work hard the disk is much more complicated, or even becomes impossible. Therefore, to avoid the risk of losing information, it is better to immediately contact the specialists.

Sometimes it happens that Windows does not see all the hard drive, but only one of its sections. Without extraneous sounds published by hard drive , you need to check: whether the system sees the entire volume. If the computer does not show the full amount of the hard disk, then no programs will help here, so you should contact the professionals.

Many users probably have this problem when the computer does not see the hard disk and does not want to work with it Many users probably have this problem when the computer does not see the hard disk and does not want to work with it. Before we understand why this is happening, and try to find a solution, let's find out what it is and what it is used for.

A hard disk is a storage device. Any information available on the computer is stored on it. In addition, the operating system and all data associated with it is recorded on the hard drive.

Accordingly, if the system cannot detect this device then all recorded data immediately become inaccessible. Below we have collected the most frequent and common causes of problems when the computer does not see the hard drive, and effective ways fix them. This article will help to take important steps to solve the problem and protect from unnecessary and rash actions. The following problems apply to external drives.

Diagnostic measures

If the hard disk is not detected by the computer, the first thing to do is to find the cause of the problem. First you need to determine what the problem lies in the system or the device itself. To do this, try to connect the drive to any other device.

If the hard drive is recognized, then the problem is in our Windows OS, but if not, then this device is defective and needs to be repaired or replaced. In this case further work should be trusted to specialists.

However, if faulty only system part Winchester, that is, several ways with which you can independently restore its performance.

Outgoing contacts

Perhaps the problem that the hard drive has ceased to be determined, lies in the absence of contact. To fix this, open the side cover of the PC case or back cover laptop, find it and reconnect.

If this does not work, try replacing SATA cable on new. It is likely that the signal cable oxidized contacts or it does not fit well in the power connectors with which the motherboard is equipped.


If a motherboard does not see the hard drive, then perhaps the problem is in itself. You can check it in the following way:

You can check it in the following way:

Incorrect BIOS settings

The next factor that deserves our attention is BIOS settings. Incorrect it breaks the OS as a whole.

System date

If the hard disk is no longer determined, then you need to look at the system date, the incorrectness of which indicates a failure of the settings. AT in this case To fix the situation you need:

AT   in this case   To fix the situation you need:

After restarting the computer, it should start to appear, but if it is still not visible, proceed to the next method.

Loading error

Also the problem may be the established order boot devices . Perhaps, in the front row of the list is a non-existent floppy disk or flash drive, from which the PC is trying to boot. And in case of failure, an error occurs " Disk boot failure ", or other similar errors related to" Hard drive "," Hard disk "Or" Boot ".

How to fix it:

How to fix it:

Depending on the version of the BIOS, the appearance of the interface may vary. In this case, you need to look for similar options with the name "Boot Device", "Boot Option".

Lack of power

If your hard drive is still determined, but periodically disappears and appears, then you should pay attention to the sounds they make. the sounds of a change in work cycles speak of malnutrition . I.e, hard drive not enough electricity to complete the work.

There are three ways out of the situation:

Due to the fact that for the normal functioning of the computer should work all the devices and components, it is best to purchase new unit power supply.

Device conflict

The next reason that a laptop or PC does not see the hard disk is the conflict of the connected devices. As is known, two winchesters, both one and different brands may cause problems and conflicts in the system.

To solve this problem, you must separately connect and configure each. Thus, they will not conflict and will be able to work simultaneously.

Purpose of the letter

Suppose a hard disk is spinning, visible in the BIOS, but not detected operating system . That is, the OS can not work with it. In this case, you must hold manual tuning available in Windows tools.

To do this:

The method is disassembled on Windows example 7 and is suitable for computers and laptops of any company, including hp, samsung, packard bell , acer and asus. Only the operating system you have installed can have small differences.

Invalid file system format

If the laptop or computer stopped seeing the hard disk, and none of the above mentioned methods solved the problem, then it may be related to the wrong file system format. As a result, the OS and the disk “speak” to different languages . Especially often this happens when the PC goes from Windows XP to Windows 7 or 8.

To correct the situation in the following ways.


It is necessary to format the HDD in NTFS. But this should be done only if the data stored on the drive is not important to you, since it will be deleted. A new version Windows in this case will install desired parameters Hdd

A new version   Windows in this case will install   desired parameters   Hdd

After the process is complete, the disc will need to be displayed.

Third Party Programs

The second option is what to do if the computer does not find the hard drive - changing the file system using special programs . Among the huge number of them can be distinguished utilities Partition Manager and Acronis. They are the most convenient to use, and you can download them for free from the office. sites.

They are recommended to be used if the netbook’s hard drive is located important files or documents, and you do not want to lose them. Several ways to restore partitions with using Acronis , we already sorted out a similar

Hello! Today we will consider with you what actions to take if an external hard disk is not detected. Similar situation quite common and manifested in the themes created in the network. So I decided to take the lead and write this review . Someone may say that problems appeared with the advent of hdd. However, like any device, this species drives may fail. There are situations when the computer does not identify the attached information keeper.

In a situation where the external hard drive is not determined, it is necessary to determine the cause. It is possible that:

  • Disk failed
  • Computer Problems

Personal diagnostics can be started by checking your PC ports. Try connecting the device to another computer or use for this. additional port . If you have succeeded, then the cause of the problem becomes clear. Well, if your computer also does not see other devices, then you should see USB support through the BIOS.

Not uncommon causes that lead to a difficult definition external media that lie in the drivers. To eliminate it you need:

If the process went to no avail, removal and reinstall computer program.

Change of designation

It is possible that difficulties with the definition of a portable storage device arise when the system mistakenly assigned to it a drive letter that is connected. To fix the problem, you should go to computer management through start-up, then:

Click on "Disk Management" and find your hdd.
Select an item with a change in drive letter.
Mark the device with a free letter.
Click on Disk Management and find your hdd

Connecting and problems with this hard disk, similar to those that occur when you connect a USB flash drive. If the drive does not work, you can apply the methods used to establish the work of such a device.


If the port check did not reveal any problems, then it is likely that the reason is a lack of power. When you use an extension cord that takes a portion of the energy itself, it becomes possible similar problems . To avoid this, you should connect to the computer cable that comes in the kit.

Power Supply

If your drive has two connectors that are used when connecting to two ports, of course you need to connect both. You should also use the power supply if it implies use.
If your drive has two connectors that are used when connecting to two ports, of course you need to connect both

You need to eliminate problems with the power supply itself. Its outdated version or a large number of equipment connected to it may cause different problems . A reasonable solution would be to install another power supply with increased power.

Hdd damage

Hard disk is not detected due to possible damage . This can be checked by turning on the power. If there is no sound reaction, you are unlikely to cope with the solution of the problem, since the root of the problem may lie in the bearings, magnetic heads and so on. Do not try to turn it on again, because it can finally break it. Better take the device to service center . Specialists engaged in repair, will help determine the exact cause of the fault and assess the chances of its elimination.


I hope you can solve the problem if the external hard disk is not detected. Share the results in the comments. Put likes and press buttons social networks . Peace and good to you all!

External hard the disk is not detected

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