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How to format the sd card on android

The memory capacity of many modern smartphones reaches 64 gigabytes. But even such an impressive repository can quickly become clogged with files. Music, movies in HD quality, hundreds of photos and documents - the user throws all this mass into the smartphone, until at the most inopportune moment the system signals that there is not enough memory. Therefore, each smartphone is equipped with a slot for an external memory card.

The test was performed on both formatted cards. Here's how the test results are presented. As you can see, the differences are significant. For example, when shooting 6 or 8 shots, we quickly change the lighting to the sun, or the clouds in the sky move quickly, this time can be tremendous for a shot.

Should I move from the "action" to something faster? Almost any modern gadget of memory card to work properly. The market offers dozens of versions of memory cards, and they differ not only in price and power. We believe that this information will be useful to a wide range of our readers.

, thanks to which the storage capacity can be increased by more than 100 GB. However, sometimes there are cases when even such a simple and reliable part requires user intervention. Namely SD card formatting.

This need does not arise too often. As a rule, the need to format an SD card for Android occurs in the following situations:

Critical file system errors

"Glitches" of applications on the sd-card and incorrectly recorded files

Reduction of the total volume of the map due to an error in the sections

Accumulation of unnecessary files

Memory cards are made in three types of sizes. Almost all modern laptops and computers are equipped with card readers that work with this type of card.
Memory cards are made in three types of sizes
Therefore, the card type should be selected in accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer of your device.

This is a very important parameter for any memory card
This is a very important parameter for any memory card. This is due to the fact that speed affects not only the price, but also the range of devices in which such a card can be used. Ratings correspond to the speed of reading. The recording speed is usually two or more times lower and is determined by the class of the card.

Transferring a memory card to another device

In our article we will discuss the main ways to clean a memory card. In any case, this procedure should not cause difficulties even for inexperienced users. See also: How to expand the memory of the phone. It is important to remember: before formatting the card it is advisable to do backup copy All data on the phone or select the most necessary files, because after formatting all the information on the SD will be irretrievably lost. How to format the SD card on Android in the system settings The easiest way to clean a memory card is through the Android system settings. To do this, you need to perform a simple algorithm:

Go to Settings

Select the item Storage and USB-drives

Click on the map icon in the lower left corner.

Open the dropdown menu

Select settings

Click on the "Format" command.

After a few seconds, the system will completely clean out your microsd card for future use. How to format an sd card on Android via a PC or laptop In order to delete all files from external memory, you can use a desktop computer or laptop. A prerequisite for this procedure is the presence of an external or built-in card reader.

In today's market, most tablets have built-in memory and support memory cards. As a rule, the real difference between performances of class 6 and 10 is not so great as to pay more. In this case, you should be more careful. The fact is that if you use a lower class memory card than the device requires, it can work with some problems, and you can forget about recording a good quality video.

Finally, some tips for you: go to the official website of the camera manufacturer and find the user manual there. When choosing a memory card, pay attention to the manufacturer. We are not going to choose the best of the best now, but we recommend buying cards only famous brands .

We place the SD card in the card reader

Open Explorer or file manager

Find an external drive

Click the right mouse button

Choose the "format" command

In the process window, click OK.

By the way, with this method it is most convenient to copy important files from a card before formatting it. Formatting an SD card through apps in a digital store Google play You can download free applications with which the sd card is formatted in a smartphone. As a rule, they differ only in the interface, and the main functionality of such utilities is similar to each other. The most simple program can be considered Erase SD card. This application has a rather minimalist menu. In fact, the user controls the utility using two buttons:

Using memory cards with features recommended by device manufacturers and manufactured by well-known brands that care about their reputation and the quality of their products will provide you with many possible problems. They may include unstable operation of your device and the subsequent risk of loss of important data from the memory card.

There is a huge difference between erasing all photos on a memory card and formatting them, which most people don’t understand. Good rule consists in formatting memory cards at least twice a year, depending on how often they are used. But why should you format the card and not erase all the images?

Specify the path to the map

Erase card

In addition, to be completely sure of the formatting result, you can scan the SD card with a special garbage-cleaning application, for example, Clean Master. The utility will check the card for possible residual files, pieces of code and other "tails", and perform the final processing of the memory card. On which phone it is most convenient to store files As mentioned above, the user does not often need to format the memory card. The most common case is to install a card in a new smartphone and turn an external memory card into a system partition. After that, you can not only copy files to the sd card, but also install applications. However, if the user needs to constantly store a large amount of data in his mobile device, it is safest to pick up a phone that would have both a solid amount of internal memory and would allow expanding the storage by several tens of gigabytes with an sd card.

When you constantly use the card, you gradually reduce its performance. Deleting all photos does not help. Sometimes you need to format the map to start with a fresh slate. It takes a little longer than erasing, but it is a great maintenance habit.

Formatting a disk permanently erases everything on it, and then restores directories. Before you begin the process, you must make sure that everything on it is created on the hard disk, because once you format the card, it will disappear forever. The choice of format in the camera.

At the same time, the availability of the phone becomes an important factor. If the gadget, in which you can store an impressive amount of files without looking back, is acquired for a small amount of money, this becomes an additional weighty plus when buying. In this sense, we recommend to pay attention to the British company Fly, whose products since 2003 meet the highest requirements of the user. Each smartphone and brand phone combines reliability, high performance, spectacular design and a nice price. Among the novelties of 2017, the Fly Cirrus 13 LTE-smartphone, which is simply created to store the most valuable files in it, should be highlighted. After all, the internal memory of a gadget by 16 gigabytes can be increased by sd-card up to 64 GB.

You can format memory cards using a camera or computer. Each camera is different, but they all follow the same general structure. Place the card in the camera, turn it on and switch to playback mode. Open the menu and go to the option that allows you to format the card.

When you buy new card memory, you should always format it in your camera before using it. Thus, the map system will be synchronized with the camera, which will give it a small boost in the efficiency department. You should also do this when using a card that worked on another camera.

The designers of the smartphone took special care of the safety of user data. First, the device is installed latest version Android OS 7 Nougat. This "axis" will not only ensure reliable multi-stage information protection, but also minimize the need to format the card due to errors due to its intelligent optimization. Secondly, access to files is additionally protected by a fingerprint scanner.

Many users often encounter a situation when, due to the large amount of data in the smartphone, the processor begins to choke and slow down. The company Fly and provided for this factor. Fly Cirrus 13 is equipped with a powerful 4-core processor at 1.5 GHz, which will ensure stable and smooth operation of all software, even at maximum loads. The process of backing up and transferring photos and videos in FullHD resolution can take a lot of time, especially when it comes to transferring data to the cloud. In this case, you can rely on a capacious lithium-polymer smartphone battery at 2400 mAh. After a full charge, it will allow up to 4 hours to perform copying when 4G-Internet or Wi-Fi is on. In conclusion, it is worth noting that we told all the ways how to format an sd card on Android 6 version. The fact is that this function is similar in almost all versions of the operating system. Only the section names will be slightly different, for example, "Memory card". Otherwise, the specified formatting algorithm can be applied to earlier or later versions of Android.

Should I move from the "action" to something faster?
But why should you format the card and not erase all the images?



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