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How to choose a bike for a child and teenager (from 3 to 14 years)

  1. Matching height and size
  2. Children's bike adjustment
  3. Gradation by age - easier choice

Sooner or later, each parent begins to torment the question: how to choose the best bike for the child? Every year there are more and more varieties, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to navigate them.

We picked up a few practical tips that tell you how to choose children's bicycles in accordance with the child's age and other features of the future cyclist.

Matching height and size

There is a universal rule that applies equally to both adults and children: if you stand on a relatively flat surface, holding the bike between your legs, the distance from the frame to the waist should be about 10 centimeters. Firstly, it allows you to choose the optimal size for a corresponding growth, and secondly, it is a guarantee of safe movement, since in an emergency situation it will be much easier to jump.

There is a special table that demonstrates how to choose a bike for a child by height. For example, if we talk about such details as wheels, then with a height of up to 100 centimeters, a wheel size of 12 inches is recommended (usually these are models for ages from one to three years). And if a child is already about 7-9 years old and his height varies from 120 to 135 cm, then a size of 20 inches is perfect.

Sooner or later, each parent begins to torment the question: how to choose the best bike for the child

Children's bike adjustment

How to choose and buy a bike for a child from 3 years old so that in the near future not to spend money on buying a new one? Modern models are equipped with a special system of adjustment of various components, so you can not only adapt a two-wheeled vehicle to the specific physiological features of the child, but also extend the life of the bike. Let us dwell on the following elements:

  1. Seat adjustment To do this, control the level of the seat tube, which is responsible for the position of the seat. It will be correct if, while sitting on a bicycle, a child with the pedal lowered to the minimum position, will easily reach its middle of the foot, straightening the leg completely. If something is wrong, you can easily make adjustments to the desired position.
  2. Steering wheel. Properly located steering wheel contributes to the formation of a flat posture, and is also responsible for safety and comfort. In no case should the child bend forward strongly to hold the steering wheel, nor to bump on it with his knees. The presence of the adjustment steering - one of the most important characteristics when choosing a bike for a child.

Gradation by age - easier choice

For ease of choice, all ages are divided into separate groups with specific features and nuances:

  • from 1.5 to 3 years. This is a kind of toy-bike, often equipped with various kinds of entertainment, be it flags, tweeters, music panels and much more. However, safety must come first. As a brake, priority is given precisely to the foot, since it is not so easy to get used to the manual ones from the first time (and at that age the bicycle is definitely the first child in the life of the child). The steering wheel must have a limiter, which will exclude the possibility of its rotation to the full 360 degrees, which is not safe for a child of this age. Finally, chain protection will prevent fragments of clothing from entering it.
  • from 3 to 5 years. It is important to have a chain of protection, manufacturers provide maximum ease of construction. Since the child is more intelligent and experienced, it is important to be able to accelerate, which is provided by easily rotating wheels.
  • from 5 to 7 years . Choose a bike for a child of 7 years becomes more difficult. The fact is that it is from this moment that it is possible to transplant an experienced baby to the high-speed option. The presence of both manual and foot brakes will simplify the task, facilitating getting used to the so-called v-brake - manual gear shift mechanism. The bike is not yet specialized, but it becomes more like an adult: there are speed switches, a front fork with a shock absorber, etc. The most important thing is the presence of a Shimano linkage - it is a kind of guarantee of quality and safety.
  • from 7 to 14 years. In this case, you are already thinking how to choose a teenage bike. In general, the models of this group are quite similar to adult counterparts, with the only difference that they have less weight and size, and also some functions are missing. They have shock absorbers, which are especially useful when driving on uneven terrain, handbrake with several speeds (from one to 20 or more).

The material from which the frame is made will tell you how to choose a teenage bike for boys and girls: for example, the weight of the aluminum model is 2-3 kg lower than the steel model, while durability and reliability meet the standards, so aluminum will be an excellent solution for both sexes.

In addition, at the stage of choosing and buying a bike for a teenager under the age of 14, it is worth listening to his own opinion, since each model is individual, and far from each individual will fit the physiological characteristics of an individual. The main thing is that the cyclist himself is comfortable.

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