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How to charge iPhone 6 directly. How to charge iPhone without wire: technology description

  1. Looking for an innovative solution
  2. USB charging
  3. Charging with a case
  4. IQ technology
  5. The perfect way to charge a mobile phone
  6. Conclusion
  7. Project presentation:
  8. USB cable connected to computer
  9. External battery
  10. Wireless Charger with Station
  11. Battery Cases
  12. Solar battery
  13. Charging by fire
  14. How to charge the device iPhone without the help of wires?
  15. The most popular types of devices without wired technology
  16. Which iPhones support wireless charging?

The reality of modern time is such that now there is not a single person without mobile phone . This is normal, because all sorts of smartphones and all kinds of gadgets greatly simplify life. If before you could only call, now a mobile phone is just a computer that fits in your pocket. You can call, play, listen to music, go to the Internet or watch a movie, and all this is possible thanks to gadgets. But this potential technology requires constant charging devices, and Charger may fail at any time. What to do in this case?

For example, take one of the most popular brands mobile phones, iphone. What to do in the case when it is simply impossible to charge with memory.

Looking for an innovative solution

How to charge iPhone 4 without charging, if the memory suddenly broke or not nearby electrified network? This question today torments many people, because without electricity, a mobile phone, and any other gadget is doomed to "starvation" death. Naturally, manufacturers are struggling to increase the power of the iPhone battery or change the design of the charger to charge even without electrical network , but for now this is only experimental.

There are quite a few portable devices which can help to charge the phone, but in practice they cannot be compared with conventional chargers, but when there simply are no options, you have to look for an alternative. There are several solutions to problems that are associated with charging the phone and they really work.

USB charging

Manufacturers only recently began to do   Alternative option   charging the phone, and now when you buy an iPhone is available not only a charger, but also   USB cable   , which can be a good replacement for memory Manufacturers only recently began to do Alternative option charging the phone, and now when you buy an iPhone is available not only a charger, but also USB cable , which can be a good replacement for memory.

In the event that the main charger box fails, you can disconnect the USB , and connect to any power source that has the appropriate input. It may be desktop computer , laptop, tablet or other devices. This method easily solves the problem of charging the iPhone, but it should not be forgotten that the rate of energy supply is significantly reduced. If using a charger, a smartphone could charge no more than 2-3 hours, then using USB, this time is doubled.

Charging with a case

No matter how surprising it may sound, but now find a cover that not only protects your phone from scratches and bumps, but also charges it very easily. This charging option appeared just a few years ago, but at the same time quickly gained its popularity . The whole point is that the case in which the iPhone is located, is equipped with an additional battery, with a capacity from 1500 to 3200 mAh, that is, it can become great alternative charger. The bottom line is that the cover does not actually charge the phone, but simply supports energy in it, due to which, you can use your smartphone for much longer.

This method often saves when you have to go to nature or to the village, where there are problems with finding a suitable outlet for power. In addition to the function of charging the phone, the case is also shockproof, and simply has a beautiful and pleasant appearance. When using a case instead of the charger on the device, it indicates the degree of discharge of the secondary battery.

IQ technology

Among all the alternative ways to charge a mobile phone, innovative iQ technology can be called the most demanded in the market Among all the alternative ways to charge a mobile phone, innovative iQ technology can be called the most demanded in the market. The charging system is similar to when the phone is fueled from the cover , but here the speed of energy transfer is significantly increased. The iQ charger is best used only at home, because it is quite large, although it looks attractive from the outside.

This wireless mode charging iphone has one very interesting feature . The bottom line is that there is no need to constantly connect the cable, and, thus, you can not worry about injuries charging platform. Many encountered a problem when the connector after a long use of the phone fell off and this problem is inevitable. You have to constantly charge the iPhone due to intensive use, but wireless system iQ easily solves this problem and prevents damage to the memory input .

In today's market, such platforms for wireless charging are presented in different shapes, colors and materials, so there will be no problem with the choice. In addition, it is important to take into account the ease of use of the charging platform.

The perfect way to charge a mobile phone

Using the method using iQ charging is, of course, convenient, but still the plastic spoils the look of the phone quite strongly Using the method using iQ charging is, of course, convenient, but still the plastic spoils the look of the phone quite strongly. Even so, the method became the most popular, so manufacturers began not only to work on wireless charging iphone but also think about appearance plates. Today we can say for sure that iQi Mobile has no worthy counterparts.

This innovative way to charge your phone combines a silicone case that contains charging plastic. If its thickness previously confused owners of devices, now it is about 1.5 mm, which is almost imperceptible under silicone case . In addition, if you use a wireless charging method, it remains possible to simultaneously use the memory. Even so, the alternative charger has its advantages and disadvantages.


  • comfortable use;
  • no need to use mechanical connection;
  • safe operation at high humidity.


  • do not use the phone while charging the battery;
  • increases the weight and thickness of the phone;
  • high cost of wireless charger.


Everyone can charge the phone from the computer with using USB , but there is not always such an opportunity. Sometimes, when traveling to nature or to another place where there is no electricity, the phone is simply doomed to completely discharge , but in our time it is detrimental to a person, because the connection with the outside world . Alternative ways Charging may be in this case great solution problems. Many innovative technologies help charge the phone by converting heat, kinetic and mechanical energy into a charge for the phone, and even a large number of minuses, sometimes without such options simply can not do.

Wireless charging gadget hardly anyone today surprised. The opportunity is outlandish and present in far from key models, and therefore little understood by the simple consumer. Now, if the iPhone could be charged, just putting it on the Qi mat is another matter. Immediately, millions would have tasted the delights of technology and the comfort attached to it, the routine sticking of Lightning at bedtime would be a thing of the past. In the meantime, Apple ignores this possibility, enterprising startups have come up with a workaround - iQi .

In the meantime, Apple ignores this possibility, enterprising startups have come up with a workaround - iQi

iQi pretty easy way to pump your iPhone (Mobile model) or iPad ( Air model ) wireless charging from rugs and Qi standard stands. AT port lightning connects the connector on a flexible flat cable, the current to it passes the receiver in the form of a thin plate. The main difficulty stems from the fact that the rather utilitarian iQi look needs to be somehow hidden from prying eyes , and this role is supposed to entrust the cover.

The creators claim that iQi is compatible with almost every moderately flexible polymer case, or with rigid models that leave at least the minimum gap with the back of the device. The thickness of the accessory is less than 0.5 mm, charging is possible through a non-metal case up to 5 mm thick.

5 mm, charging is possible through a non-metal case up to 5 mm thick

In addition to the accessory, Koolpuck Charger Qi standard charging platform is regularly offered. They are planning to produce in fourteen colors: seven with a black base and seven with white. The iQi Mobile and Koolpuck Charger kit costs from $ 65 plus $ 15 for international shipping.

On this moment the project scored just over $ 6,000 of the $ 30,000 needed to start production. There are still 22 days ahead, they may well have time.

Project presentation:

Probably, each of us had the imprudence to leave a personal charger from the iPhone at home, having left for another city for work or leisure. Of course, there is little pleasant in it, especially if you are without a gadget, like without hands. Unfortunately, the battery charge is not infinite, and sooner or later you will have to strain your brains and find a way to charge the iPhone.

Fortunately, there is great amount means that due to its functionality can replace the standard charger. Some of them will have to buy in advance, others - to do it yourself, but this, you see, is much better than holding a “dead gadget” in your hands. Let's try to talk about atypical ways and means of charging the iPhone.

USB cable connected to computer

It may sound ridiculous, but for some even such information may seem like a revelation. Therefore, we considered it necessary to inform the reader that the iPhone can receive a charge from a PC or laptop. To do this, you need to connect both devices with a USB cable.

External battery

Yesterday it was difficult to imagine the existence of a portable drive capable of delivering electric charge iPhone when connected. And today they can already be ordered on the Internet and used, as they say, to the fullest. We note immediately that the production of devices of this type was adopted by some companies. This is mainly Chinese firms therefore, the choice of the gadget should be treated with special attention.

Their inner and external device , and also the principle of work is almost identical at different manufacturers . Only the values ​​of capacity in “mAh” and design differ. On average, the full capacity of an external battery lasts for 3-4 full-cycle iPhone charging.

Of course, the process is somewhat delayed, but the result is amazing. By taking such a device with you, you can forget about finding 220V networks for a few days. You can see the work of the external battery in action by the example of the video below.

Wireless Charger with Station

"Wireless charging" is always associated with users with the possibility of receiving a charge in any place: on the street, in the rooms of the house, etc. But, for the present it is only a device that gives the charge to the iPhone not by cable, but through a special station.

Unfortunately, such a device, in our opinion, is far from perfect, but it has some advantages. Actually, for the process itself is not necessary to have special cable for i-devices. In addition, there is no need for permanent plugging the plug into the device socket.

Battery Cases

This is not really a means of recharging, but such a device will help extend the work of the iPhone for 1.5-2 days. Battery case is a multifunctional device that combines both a case and an additional battery. Its capacity is up to 2200 mAh, which allows us to increase the "life" of our iPhone.

The main thing is not to forget to fully charge the case itself. Discover more information about this device can be from the video posted below.

Solar battery

Solar energy has long been working for the benefit of man. Now, portable (portable) batteries have become available to owners of iPhones. These devices are a bit like external battery but due to the ability to charge from solar power their use gives more advantages. To start the charging process, you need to put the battery in place of direct sun rays , after connecting it with an iPhone.

Solar Charging

Charging by fire

This device is equipped in such a way that the iPhone connects the cable to the roaster in which the fire burns. Thus, the conversion of thermal energy into electrical energy. And although such a tool is not able to provide a smartphone big amount charge, it can still help not to discharge the device completely.

So we reviewed the basic methods that will provide you with a real opportunity to charge your iPhone away from communications. If you have questions or other methods of charging, write in the comments!

How to charge iPhone without wire - the most actual question device owners from Apple's to date. This trend is set by the company itself, actively introducing wireless accessories into new devices. With each new generation of smartphones or tablets, the devices receive one wireless opportunity. In this article, you will find out if there is a possibility of charging without wires for old “apple devices and whether your iPhone supports wireless charging.

How to charge the device iPhone without the help of wires?

Imagine a situation where you urgently need to recharge the battery of a smartphone, but for some reason you do not have a cord at hand to charge the phone, or it has broken / broken. A few years ago, a solution to the problem would put you in a dead end. But today, charging without wires is becoming commonplace, especially for iPhone owners.

The stores have a wide range of such devices. About the name of such a device and how to use it - read below. Let us figure out whether it is possible to charge the iPhone wireless charging third-party manufacturers.

The most popular types of devices without wired technology

Highlight the main and popular devices that allow you to charge your smartphone without a wire:

Highlight the main and popular devices that allow you to charge your smartphone without a wire:

Which iPhones support wireless charging?

Many Apple fans are interested in the answer to the question: will it be implemented for older generations and can they be charged in this way? It all depends on the device you purchased. For example, using a case you can charge any iphone if found suitable option . For latest models all technologies fit.



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