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Fake oil Lukoil - how to distinguish the original? Distinctive signs of falsification! :: OILS-MARKET.RU - engine and transmission oils, filters, automotive chemicals

Hello. In this article we will talk about the fake oil Lukoil. It has long been the opinion that no one forges Lukoil oil, since it is cheap and no one needs it. This opinion is imposed on us by those around you who believe that everything domestic must necessarily be of low quality. This phenomenon came from the near 90s, when the country was in great demand for imported goods, and domestic goods were not much appreciated. In the "dashing 90s" almost everything was faked. Created cooperatives who stamped products. Oil Lukoil is no exception. However, since then the company has worked very well on the quality of its products. I can not note the fact that the products of Lukoil today has one of the most advanced protection against fakes. You still wonder why the oil Lukoil not forge? Then let's get started!

1. Cover. Each Lukoil canister is equipped with a combination stopper, which is made of high-quality plastic and has inserts made of thick rubber. This is not a simple plastic that can be molded using conventional molds. Production of such covers without the corresponding equipment is basically impossible.

Each cover is equipped with a protective ring, which easily comes off when opening the canister

Each cover is equipped with a protective ring, which easily comes off when opening the canister. In addition, under the lid there is an aluminum heat sealable insert.
2. Canister. The container made of three-layer plastic. This can be easily noticed after opening the canister. All layers are different from each other and are divided into external, internal and middle. As in the first case, the production of such a canister requires high-precision equipment and high-quality raw materials, which are simply unavailable to oil gadgets.

3. Label. The label on each canister of the original Lukoil oil is injected, i.e. applied to the canister during its production. As a result, the label is one with the canister. This technology completely eliminates peeling off the edges of the label. In addition, in-mold labels are more aesthetic than traditional in terms of operation. Such labels are less susceptible to UV and moisture, which allows you to save the presentation of the canister for a longer time.

4. The neck. The neck of the canister is sealed with special aluminum foil, which eliminates the flow of oil when it is tilted.
5. Production date and batch number. This information is applied to the canister exclusively using laser engraving, rather than a conventional laser printer, as most lubricant manufacturers do.

6. Unique sequence number. This information is similarly applied to the back of the canister.
7. Individual canister bottom , which contains the following information:

1 - Ecolabel, which means that the packaging can be recycled.
2 - Environmental labeling that encourages users to comply with environmental regulations.
3 - Designation of material from which the canister is made.
4 - Month and year of oil production.
5 - Lukoil trademark.
6 - Number of the mold on which the canister was made.

Thanks to these features, you can easily distinguish Lukoil oil from a fake . I repeat that today Lukoil oil is one of the most protected oils from a fake. Well, lastly, I would like to say that 100% answer to the question: "how to distinguish a fake oil Lukoil" you can give only a chemical laboratory, which will carry a physico-chemical analysis of oil. These guys know exactly what kind of oil is fake and which is original. However, if you know the information that we told you in the article above, then by 80% you will be able to protect yourself from counterfeiting! That's all, thank you for your attention and bye! Until new meetings on our site. In the meantime, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with our other articles:
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